The Town of Gibsons has the green light to go ahead and borrow one point 7-6 million dollars to retrofit the Prowse Road Lift Station.

That’s after an alternative approval process did not garner the required responses to oppose the plan.

Staff reported receiving 334 Elector Response forms opposing the plan.

The total number of valid Elector Response forms required to oppose the Bylaw was 372.

Sewage from the eastern portion of the Town, which cannot drain by gravity directly to the wastewater treatment plant, drains to the Prowse Road Lift Station and is then pumped via a force main to the wastewater plant for treatment.

The lift station has been on the list of assets that need attention since 2008 and the upgrades were becoming urgent.

A catastrophic failure at the lift station could lead to the overflow of sewage into Gibsons Harbour.