Back on June 5th, RCMP received a report that a woman walking in Mahan Trails off of Shaw Road late in the afternoon had seen a male with his genitals exposed out the zipper of his jeans.

The complainant says she saw the man around quarter to 6 walking in the trail and had a bad feeling about him.

When she saw him approaching another woman in the trail she turned around and noticed he was exposing himself while he was walking.

The complainant yelled at the man but he did not respond and walked away.

The man is described as white, skinny, about 5 foot 7 inches tall, 25 to 30 years old, with dark hair with long bangs and no facial hair.

The man was wearing blue jeans, blue shoes and a brown hoody with the hood up.

Other witnesses believe they saw the man loitering around the Petro Canada in Gibsons.