The Town of Gibsons is nearing the end of an alternative approval process to undertake upgrades to the Prowse Road lift station.

The upgrades will cost one point 7-3 million dollars.

Mayor Bill Beamish said the 40-year-old lift station brings raw sewage to the treatment plant and it’s been flagged as being in need of repairs since 2006.

Beamish said the situation is getting critical.

Some arguments against the plan suggest the project funding from the town is, in effect, subsidizing the developer of the George Hotel.

Beamish said that’s not true.

“Regardless of whether the George gets constructed tomorrow or five years from now we need to fix the lift station now. It’s just a fix. It’s not a replacement. It’s not an expansion. It’s not capacity. It’s just replacing existing piping that is now 40 years old and frankly, running out of life.”

Before Gibsons can borrow the money for the project, the Town must allow electors to indicate they are against the proposal.

Ratepayers have until June 12th to do that.

Those who agree with the plan don’t need to do anything but if 10 per cent of eligible voters file objection forms the Town can’t borrow the money.

Beamish said the situation with the lift station is so critical that if the alternative approval process fails the Town will have to consider taking it to a referendum.

That could cost 30,000 dollars.