Sandy Hook Property Owners are hoping a popular trail in the area can stay open.

Phillip Djwa said an ad hoc trail, that’s beside the actual right of way, has been adopted over the years.

The trouble is, he explained to the District of Sechelt Council, it is on private property that belongs to Diana Mumford.

Mumford’s said on June 1st she will be closing the trail access to render it impassable.

She said she has no choice because she is concerned about the liability when people walk along that trail.

Djwa said the property owners, including Mumford, agree the solution may lie in a land swap.

That deal would see the exchange of the original Sandy Hook Trail right-of-way for the current trail being used.

There’s also a District water line on the private trail that will soon need to be upgraded and a land swap would allow for the line to remain in its current location.