Up until now, retail cannabis storefronts have been allowed to operate in the District of Sechelt under temporary use permits.

Director of Planning and Development, Tracy Corbett said council only had a policy in place but that’s poised to be replaced with a zoning bylaw amendment.

“By getting the zoning amendments in place it means that council can now start approving the applications we get through the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch. Right now we’ve got two of them and we are holding them because we actually don’t have the zoning in place yet. But they are ones that would fit with our criteria.”

Corbett said the amendments, which set up which zones retail cannabis can operate under, among other things, also allowed her to clean up some of the language in the old bylaw.

There will be a public hearing on the bylaw amendments this Wednesday.

Corbett said she managed to tweak some of the wording when it comes to micro-production and micro-cultivation but more work needs to be done on that issue yet.