ROBERTS CREEK, B.C. – The coordinator of the Roberts Creek Community Cleanup said environmentally-conscious volunteers are cleaning up their community, one piece of litter at a time.

Elaine Futterman said Sunday’s cleanup “went really well,” noting that there were 37 volunteers helping out along with two groups of Scouts.

“The cleanup was quite well received,” she said. “People pledged to clean up almost all the roads below the highway, (the) lower road has been pledged to be cleaned up, (and) all the smaller roads (including) Henderson Park.”

“I was surprised this year,” Futterman added. “I started organizing this program in 2003 and kept on it until about 2011, then I took a break and other people took it on or it fell by the wayside. And coming back this year after a break of about eight years or so, I noticed that people were taking on larger sections of roads and there are fewer volunteers.”

Futteman said volunteers chose large sections to cover this year, adding that there are roads above the highway that need to be matched with someone.

“Also, almost all of the highway section in Roberts Creek is available,” she said.

“I’m expecting more volunteers to get in touch with me to find out which parts of the creek can use a volunteer.  The program goes on through May 18 and the garbage can be picked up at any time.”

The program is sponsored by the Roberts Creek Community Association, a group dedicated to picking up litter along the roads from the cemetery to the provincial campsite.

“We call ourselves the Nation of Roberts Creek,” Futterman said. “Our national costume is the gumboot and our national animal is the slug.”

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