With the increase in the use of Bait vehicles and other anti-theft devices, theft of vehicles in 2017 and 2018 has decreased in BC by just over 13 per cent.

The same cannot be said, however for theft from vehicles which has seen an increase of 4 point 2 per cent province-wide, with the largest increase being seen on Vancouver Island at 14 point 3 per cent.

Nanaimo has seen an increase of 18 per cent to more than 2,200 reported thefts from vehicles. As for theft of autos, Nanaimo has experienced a 26 per cent increase to 153.

April is Auto Crime Enforcement Month and the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team is encouraging vehicle owners to adopt the 9 PM Routine.

The 9 PM routine encourages everyone to routinely check their vehicle each night by 9 o’clock and make sure it’s locked and all valuables and personal items are removed.

Mounties say almost half of all vehicle break-ins are from unlocked vehicles with the overwhelming majority of them happening after dark.

On top of the 9 PM routine, police say people should remove all valuables and personal items from their vehicle and lock it.