The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly felt the need to read MLA’s the riot act at the start of Question Period.

Darryl Plecas said he’s tired of the member’s bad behavior including interruptions and disorder in the House and then during the first question in Question Period the heckling began again.

“This is outrageous. I just finished talking about decorum and being appropriate in the House and we are not, two minutes later, and we are behaving as people would expect that we should never behave. I am sorry, I cannot tolerate this any longer.”

Then, he had an exchange with the B.C. Liberal’s Mary Polak who said, “Is it the speaker’s position that heckling is always out of order?”

Plecas said, “I am not saying heckling is out of order, I am saying that interrupting a speaker is out of order and interrupting a speaker when they start is out of order. I don’t know how clear I have to be about that.”