The District of Sechelt’s mayor has come away empty-handed after a meeting with provincial officials with regards to the evacuated Seawatch neighbourhood.

Darnelda Siegers said she had a meeting in Vancouver Tuesday with officials from Emergency Management BC and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Seigers said she was told the property in the Seawatch subdivision remains a private matter and there is no role for the Province.

She said Disaster Financial Assistance is not applicable because the situation does not meet the Provincial guidelines of a natural disaster.

She said she posed a number of questions to officials but was unable to get definitive answers, only that provincial officials say they will continue to investigate.

“They don’t know, that’s the thing. They are looking at what are some of the potential options for it. Then they will be coming back to us. We asked them a number of questions, you know, the site is not safe, there are houses on there, there are services on there, how do we deal with that? Don’t know.”

She said the District is hearing the calls from people who want to get some of their property out of their evacuated house and from those who want to know if they can move their home.

“We are working with structural engineers and different avenues for that access.”