About half the money needed to fix the damage to the wharf at Grantham’s Landing has been raised so far.

Tony Bonnici, president of the Granthams Wharf Association said between 30,000 and 35,000 dollars needs to be raised to fix the damage to the wharf that happened during the windstorm back in December.

Bonnici said the wharf is an important symbol for the community of more than 140 families.

“It really is something that brings the community together. I think most of us realize we are not just talking about a stack of pilings and boards we are really talking about something that represents the community and maybe, even more important, that feeling we get as we work together on something as neighbours.”

Bonnici said the work to repair the damage, in the meantime, is ongoing
and two construction companies have managed to find time to put in some new pilings and refasten the deck.

Next up, he said, the Association will host a work party sometime in late April to rebuild the platform and put the railings back on.