The District of Sechelt is changing things up.

The municipality is looking to change up the schedule of regular waste pickups and also add services like yard waste pick up and organic waste pick up.

“So there will be so noticeable changes,” said Sechelt’s Engineer Technologist Paul Appelt.

“We’ll be going to bi-weekly garbage pickups. There will be bigger totes and it can handle more volume. Organic waste will be picked up weekly and the alternate week from the garbage pick up will be recycling.”

Appelt says the district is also looking to make these services available for multi-family homes, which is something new.
“With that, we’ll have work with building owners and strata owners,” admitted Appelt.
“Those places don’t have organic waste pick up right now so that’ll be an added service for them.”

Appelt believes these new services could be implemented by mid-year or as late as August.