The District of Sechelt has closed Seawatch Lane to all vehicles.

That’s after a large sinkhole appeared on private property near Seawatch Lane on Boxing Day.

The District says the sinkhole required 400 cubic meters of soil which was brought in as backfill by a local property owner after they consulted with a geotechnical engineer.

The District consulted with Thurber Engineering who scheduled further investigations and the road has been closed now since Wednesday.

Local residents were informed by hand-delivered notes.

File photos from previous sinkhole events:

Photo courtesy Chris Moradian

Photo courtesy Chris Moradian

Photo courtesy Chris Moradian

It’s expected the closure will remain in effect until a more thorough assessment can be done that would include a drill rig and borehole team.

It’s expected that will take about a week to coordinate depending upon the availability of equipment.

Emergency responders have emergency response plans in place.

Mayor Darnelda Siegers says it is unfortunate the situation has come to this.

She says the decisions that have been made as a result of the appearance of the new sinkhole have not been taken lightly and she understands the inconvenience the closure of Seawatch Lane has on local families.