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Khadr denied relaxed bail and Canadian passport; Scheer critical of PM ahead of 2019 election

Omar Khadr denied request for relaxed bail conditions and Canadian passport

An Edmonton judge has denied former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr’s request for relaxed bail conditions and a Canadian passport.

Justice June Ross says nothing has really changed since the last time Khadr asked for changes to his bail conditions and the restrictions he faces are reasonable. Khadr has been on bail since 2015 pending his appeal of his conviction by a U.S. military commission on alleged war crimes.

Conservative leader criticizing PM ahead of 2019 Canadian federal election

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is promising a “positive” campaign prior to the October 2019 election.

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At the same time, Scheer is lashing out at the prime minister and the Liberal party for dismissing anyone who criticizes any facet of Canada’s immigration system. In an interview with The Canadian Press, Scheer says calling people names just for raising concerns about people crossing the border to seek asylum in Canada is unfair.

President Trump blaming potential government shutdown on

American President Donald Trump is digging in his heels over border wall money while trying to lay the blame on Democrats for a potential government shutdown.

Trump just last week said that he’d “own” the partial government shutdown that will begin Friday at midnight if a deal isn’t reached. Trump has now changed his tune, saying at a bill signing today that it’s “totally up to the Democrats as to whether or not we have a shutdown.”

Operations resume at London’s Gatwick Airport

Officials at London’s Gatwick Airport say military measures now in place have made it safe to resume flight operations.

Flights were briefly suspended Friday after reports another drone had been spotted over the airport. Gatwick had reopened about 11 hours earlier after having been shut down part of Wednesday night and all day Thursday by drones repeatedly violating the airport perimeter.

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