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Locations across North America targetted in bomb threat hoax; Lawyer says Canada’s Extradition Act ‘faulty’

Thousands of locations targeted in email bomb hoax

Thousands of businesses across North America have received emailed bomb threats Thursday.

An Ontario police service has confirmed to the Vista National News Desk the threats sent across North America are identical and contain the exact same information.  Police also confirmed money was demanded but would not say how much other than it was a “large sum”.   A copy of an email sent to a business in B.C. shows it was $20-thousand in bitcoin.  The threats are all believed to be hoaxes.

Lawyer: Canada’s Extradition Act ‘faulty’

A prominent lawyer says Canada’s faulty Extradition Act will be on full display for the world to see as all eyes fall on the case of top Chinese corporate executive Meng Wanzhou.

Donald Bayne says the act gives judges no discretion, which means extradition is practically a given no matter the evidence. One of Bayne’s former clients was extradited to France years ago on charges he’d bombed a Paris synagogue in 1980, even though the Ottawa judge presiding over the extradition case acknowledged the evidence was too weak to have led to a conviction in Canada.

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Household debt soars in Ontario and B.C.

Household debt levels continue to soar in Vancouver and Toronto.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is warning residents may find their budgets stretched as interest rates increase. Mortgage debt accounts for two-thirds of all outstanding household debt in the country.

Alberta Premier says decision to cut oil production appears to be working

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says the decision to cut oil production by almost nine per cent seems to be working.

However, she says it’s not a long-term solution. Notley is buying rail cars and continues to push Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for action to end the pipeline bottleneck, considered the primary culprit for the low prices.

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