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Report finds Canada not seeing a surge in extremists; Alberta government looking at building oil refinery

Report finds no surge of extremists coming to Canada

A federal report says there has been no surge of extremists returning to Canada from fighting for terrorist organizations overseas.

The annual report on the terrorist threat to Canada says no such wave is expected because many potential returnees lack valid travel documents, find themselves on a no-fly list or perhaps were killed in combat.  As members of ISIL scatter, the Liberal government has come under pressure to explain what it’s doing to contain any threat from foreign fighters returning to Canada.

Alberta government looking at building its own oil refinery

The Alberta government is looking at building its own oil refinery.

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Premier Rachel Notley argues the new capacity would help lower the difference in oil prices that’s been called a crisis.  The province will be accepting pitches from the private sector for the next couple of months.

Canadian Union of Postal Workers filing challenge over back-to-work legislation

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says it is filing a constitutional challenge over the legislation that ended rotating strikes by its members.

The union says the back-to-work legislation violated the rights of workers to collective bargaining. On Monday, Canada Post announced that parcel deliveries are sporadic and that customers should expect delays through next month.

Auto thefts continue to rise across Canada

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says auto thefts continue to rise across the country.

Ford F-Series trucks once again top the bureau’s list of the most frequently stolen vehicles in Canada. Auto thefts rose six per cent nationally between 2016 and last year and the bureau says thieves are most active on New Year’s Day, stealing vehicles loaded with gifts.

American President Trump threatens to shut down government over border wall funding

American President Donald Trump has escalated his government shutdown threat over U.S. Mexico border wall funding.

During a photo op in the White House, Trump practically shouted at Democrat Chuck Schumer and the President said he’d be proud to shut down the government for the sake of border security. Later, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who was at the meeting, noted Trump’s words mean if the government shuts down, he will own it.

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