RCMP are happy they got their suspect but not so pleased the arrest came at the expense of some injuries to the victim.

Around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon, Constable Gary O’Brien said police were called when a woman caught a suspect running from her home on Marisa Street with her backpack and electronics.

“So, she decided to follow, which is exactly what people should do. She followed at a safe distance, she got on the phone with dispatch and police officers were rolling to the scene. The female suspect saw her being followed so she picked up the pace and started running through backyards and our complainant followed her along with her common-law and they were losing sight of her. So they decided to go hands-on, they got physical and got into a huge scrap with her.”

O’Brien said it went downhill from there when the 28-year-old suspect, a woman, spit, bit and hit the 34-year-old victim with a rock.

O’Brien said following a suspect until police arrive is fine but it’s never a good idea to get physical with one because it may not end well.

In an unrelated case, a Nanaimo business owner says she’s tired of being the target of theft.

Sania Komen owns The Nanaimo Bar on Front Street and says over the last few weeks she has suffered through a myriad of break-ins and thefts from the bar.

“I want people to be aware and if you see something shady say something. Even if you are just walking by and you yell, ‘I see you doing something bad’, and keep walking. That might deter them from continuing or even doing it. I just feel like people need to get more involved in the safety of our community, that’s for sure.”

O’Brien concurs and says sometimes that’s all you need to do to prevent a crime.

Komen says she feels violated and it’s disheartening that there’s so much theft going on in the community.

She’s not placing the blame on the shoulders of those at tent city, Komen says, during the last break in 3,000 dollars worth of liquor was taken and that had to involve more than one person and a vehicle.