All of the elected officials on the Sunshine Coast have been sworn in now.

The latest comes from the Sunshine Coast Regional District.

Lori Pratt was voted in as the SCRD Board Chair by the RD Directors and said the board will work collaboratively to tackle the issues that were brought up by the residents during the election.

“The two pressing issues that were brought up included water and solid waste management. There are other things that this council will need to work on that will be coming down in the future as well.”

Pratt noted she will continue to advocate for the community at the provincial and federal level. She’s also excited about how the election turned out for the entire Sunshine Coast.

“It’s historic because 16 out of the 29 elected positions on the Sunshine Coast are now held by women. That’s over 50 per cent and that is a huge benchmark in Canada.”

The Directors voted Darnelda Siegers to be the Vice-Chair.