Some people seem to have a difficult time with the message about dogs in hot cars.

The RCMP say every summer, they, and other agencies receive an excessive amount of emergency calls to rescue dogs whose lives are endangered because they are left in a hot vehicle.

Police say, in hot weather, pets can suffer serious heatstroke and die in a matter of minutes even in cars parked in the shade with the windows partly open, the temperature in a car can rise to well over 38 degrees celcius.

Mounties say if you see an animal in distress in a parked car, the first thing you should do is note the license plate and vehicle information and ask managers of nearby businesses to page the owner to return to their car.

If no owner is found or the animal appears to be suffering, in the daytime, police say call your local SPCA and in an emergency call 911 for RCMP attendance.

Police say it is illegal for members of the public to break a window to access the vehicle themselves, only RCMP and Special Provincial Constables of the BC SPCA can enter a vehicle.

SPCA branch staff and volunteers cannot enter vehicles.