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Sunshine Coast RCMP changing the way they'll respond to alarms

Changes are coming to the way Sunshine Coast RCMP respond to alarms.

They say since 2009 they’ve responded to more than 36-hundred false alarms, and given the size of the territory they cover that’s eating up a lot of police time and costing a lot of money.

Staff Sergeant Herb Berdahl says a particular problem they run into on the Sunshine Coast is season property owners, who leave their homes vacant for long stretches with unmonitored alarm systems and expect police to look after things.

He says they’re joining other detachments and police departments across the province in moving to something known as Verified Alarm Response.

They’ll also continue to respond to all alarms from the homes of “…the elderly, physically challenged, or those with special needs.”

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Berdahl says they’ll be working with local alarm companies and doing some public education before putting the new policy into practice.

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