Childcare and housing were the main topics of the throne speech.
However, there was no specific mention of 10 dollar a day childcare, an NDP campaign promise.
Premier John Horgan it’s not going to happen overnight….
The NDP did promise more training for childcare workers and incentives to move unlicensed daycare to licensed facilities.
On housing, the NDP are eyeing incentives to see new student housing for universities which would free up other housing for rent, and the party is promising to work with municipalities to see more affordable housing units built throughout the province.
Also in the speech, more technology related seats at colleges and universities, improvements to reduce surgical wait times and improve the living conditions of seniors, a new playground capital fund, and a poverty reduction strategy.
The Horgan government says it will also review school funding in rural and northern communities where smaller schools have been threatened with closure due to low student enrollments.
The cost of some of these initiatives will be fleshed out next week when the provincial budget is released.