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Backyard burning only allowed in Nanaimo with permit

April is burning season in Nanaimo, which usually means an increase in complaints about backyard burning. There are a few strict conditions. Residents must have a permit, a property an acre or larger, and are only allowed to burn on Fridays or Saturdays.

Rick Kwasnecha, Fire Prevention Officer with Nanaimo Fire Rescue, says they had a few complaints about backyard fires this weekend. He says for the most part people were complying with the rules.

Kwasnecha says one small change to the rules this year means people only have to call in once for a permit, instead of every weekend they want to burn in April. Another call would be required to get a permit for burning season in November.

The rule about needing an acre of property in order to burn doesn’t apply to Protection Island, and people are allowed to have cooking fires as long as they follow the regulations.

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