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Referendum issue raising profile of Quebec election in BC

Quebecers are voting today in a provincial election that’s grabbed attention in the rest of Canada for the nastiness of the campaign, and reviving the prospect of a sovereignty referendum.

Retired VIU political science prof Allan Warnke says if it wasn’t for the unexpected emergence of the Quebec independence question the vote would not have stirred much interest.

Warnke says the rest of Canada wants to see stability in the relationship with Quebec, no matter who holds power in the National Assembly.

Pauline Marois is hoping to turn her Parti Quebecois minority into a majority, but the PQ trails the Liberals under Philippe Couillard in the latest polls.  Many are also watching a third party – the CAQ – led by former PQ member Francois Legault. Warnke says it could end up holding the balance of power in a minority situation.

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