Sunshine Coast RCMP say they’re seeing another bump in fraud activity.

Over the past week one are resident has reported being targeted in a scam involving a job offer on Craigslist.  He was sent a cheque for well above what he was supposed to get paid and asked to return the difference.  RCMP say it’s just one version of a common overpayment scam.

In another case, somebody had a message from a man claiming to be a police officer from the Lower Mainland demanding they call back immediately or risk arrest.  Police don’t do that.  In this case RCMP aren’t saying what they think the fraudster was after.

And, just Monday, RCMP got a report of a fraudulent e-mail set up to look like it came from Revenue Canada. It offered a refund and asked the target to click a link, and provide financial information.

RCMP say you can learn more about common scams at the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre.