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Area Legions welcoming new Liquor Policy Review recommendations

Legion branches in the area are welcoming the latest proposed changes to B.C. liquor laws.

They include allowing minors, with adults, in pubs that serve food and giving more flexibility to admit minors to membership based clubs, like the Legion.

Sandy Bellamy, Vice President of Legion 219 in Roberts Creek says it’s good news for Legions hoping to increase membership numbers.  “Hearing this news is a huge, huge boost in that direction and I’m thrilled, and I think I can speak for everyone associated with the Legion to say that they’ll be thrilled too,” she says. “It’s just going to help up us out so much with our goals.”

That’s a thought echoed by Carol Tisdale, President of Legion Branch 10 in Nanaimo, “I can see that being a real positive change for our (branch), because it’ll boost our membership”

NDP critic Shane Simpson says they want to see the research the government is using to back the changes, before deciding if they’ll support them.

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The Liquor Policy Review recommendations announced Tuesday:
* Small businesses and the hospitality industry, through changes like common-sense licensing and happy hours.
* Places like pubs, Legions and membership clubs by making changes to create more family-friendly environments.
* Health, safety and social responsibility by enhancing B.C.’s SIR program.

You can see previous recommendations here.


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