The BC government has outlined its plans to respond to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Project.
Environment and Climate Change Strategy Minister George Heyman says lawyer Thomas Berger has been hired to provide advice on legal action related to the project.
Heyman says the government has made it clear that the increase in heavy oil tankers in Vancouver harbour is not in BC’s interest.
Heyman says the government knows that with the federal approval of the project, it will be a challenging path forward.
The government responded to those who say killing the KinderMorgan project means the prospect of 15,000 construction jobs will be gone.
Heyman says those temporary jobs pale in comparison to what the jobs lost could be if there was a spill…..
The leader of the B.C. Green Party says he’s happy with the NDP on the Kinder Morgan file.
Andrew Weaver says we don’t need the bitumen on the B.C. coast…..
Weaver says the federal government approval of the project is a case of the PM bullying B.C.