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Mysterious box found by VIU students at the bottom of Deep Bay

A mysterious box found at the bottom of Deep Bay had imaginations at VIU’s Deep Bay Marine Field Station running wild. Manager Brian Kingzett says they were training students how to use the underwater Remote Operated Vehicle, when they spotted something strange.

“We found this very odd-looking truck tool box that had been very securely tied off with a bunch of concrete anchors,” explained Kingzett. “We took some pictures and sort of got everybody very curious about why this mysterious box would be at the bottom of the ocean. Of course, it happened to be about the size of a small coffin, so that got everybody’s imagination going.”

Kingzett says they attached a grappling hook to it on Monday and hauled it out of the water. Turns out it was only filled with garbage, concrete and rocks. He says it was likely made by someone hoping to use it as a mooring. Kingzett says the students are excited about having found something mysterious with the ROV during their first attempt at using it.

“Certainly this has all been a good training opportunity!” said Kingzett. “It certainly got the students’ imagination going!”

A giant Pacific octopus was also discovered hiding in the junk. It was returned to the ocean, but the garbage went to the landfill.

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