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Tourist rescued from the bottom of a cliff in Nanaimo

A tourist from Quebec had to be rescued on Sunday from the bottom of a cliff in the Nanaimo estuary. Nanaimo Fire Rescue Crews were called to help. Assistant Chief Greg Norman says the 22-year-old woman walked out to one of the islands in the estuary at low tide. When the tide came in, she got trapped. Norman says she swam to the edge of the estuary, but there was no way to climb up.

Norman says their rope rescue crews set up a rigging system at the top of the 10-metre cliff. They lowered a team member down to help her and managed to safely lift her to the top. She was taken to hospital and treated for possible hypothermia.

Norman says these type of incidents happens every so often, usually with people who are unfamiliar with the area. He says people have to be aware of how quickly the tide comes in.


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