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Save Linley Valley West staging protest over road work

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Save Linley Valley West is staging more protests.

The group has been trying to stop a housing development in the area.

Now, they say work on the recently approved extension of Linley Valley Drive threatens Nelson Woods, and the Oliver Woods Wetland.

Joanne Jonas McRae of Save Linley Valley West, says the work is also threatening nesting birds.

The group is planning a demonstration Monday, March 24th at 1pm where Turner Road meets Uplands.

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations says it’s still looking at the applications for work near the wetlands, and that any tree removal during nesting would violate the Wildlife Act.

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They also say they’ve asked the City to suspend activity until they can set up a meeting.

Activist Brunie Brunie, meanwhile, returns to court early next month in an effort to try to get the work stopped. She launched a counter-claim after Mount Benson Developments went to court looking for an injuction against protestors.

Here’s the full text of the Ministry’s statement to Coast FM News:

“The City of Nanaimo has submitted an application to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations under the Water Act to partially fill-in wetlands for a road right of way in the Linley Valley area.

The ministry has not yet approved this application due to concerns over provincial water stewardship requirements.

Also, any tree removal by the city during bird nesting periods would be in contradiction of the Wildlife Act.

The ministry has asked the city to stop/suspend any activities in this area.

A meeting between the ministry and city is being scheduled to discuss potential problems with the application.”

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