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HomeNewsSensible BC campaigner in Nanaimo applauds pot injunction

Sensible BC campaigner in Nanaimo applauds pot injunction

Medical marijuana users who grow their own pot are breathing a sigh of relief. Health Canada’s new medical marijuana laws kick in April 1st, which would effectively end the home production of medical marijuana. However, a Federal Court judge in Vancouver has granted an injunction, enabling people who have a personal production license to grow medical marijuana to continue, at least for now. A trial will be held at a later date.

Amanda Orum is a Sensible BC campaigner in Nanaimo. Orum says it’s great news for people who rely on the pot they produce themselves.

Orum says she hopes with increased pressure from medical marijuana users, the government will allow people with licenses to continue growing their own pot. About 40,000 Canadians are allowed to possess medical marijuana, and more than 20,000 have licenses to grow their own. Under the injunction granted today, they will only be permitted to hold up to 150 grams.

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