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FACs suggesting new options for sailing cuts.

The Ferry Advisory Committee on the Sunshine Coast is suggesting a “third way” to make cuts on the Langdale Horseshoe Bay route.

The province is forcing the BC Ferries to cut a Sunday sailing, and under both options on the table that was going to be the 6:20am out of Langdale.

But FAC member Lee Ann Johnson says that sailing is too important for sports teams and workers who need to get to the Lower Mainland, so they’re insisting it stay and another morning sailing get the axe.  That will leave a lot of time between trips.

Johnson says they know it won’t make everyone happy, but it’s the best compromise possible right now.

A similar move is happening on Gabriola, where the FAC will meet with BC Ferries on March 12th.  They’re suggesting mid-day sailings be put back on the schedule for the summer months only, leaving Gabriola at 2:05pm, Nanaimo at 2:40.  They say otherwise there could be huge traffic back-ups.

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The Gabriola FAC has put all their ideas on their webpage.

Final reduced schedules will be released by Ferries at the end of the month.

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