A pilot project with regards to the pick up of solid waste in Nanaimo is poised to take another step forward.
Council will soon be considering whether or not to approve the purchase of more than 28,000 new carts, one for garbage, one for recycling and one for kitchen waste at a total cost of one point 6 million dollars.
However, that would be billed to the households who use them over a period of 5 years.
Charlotte Davis, manager of Sanitation, Recycling and Public Works Administration says the bins would be collected with new trucks that have an automated arm to pick them up and dump them.
She says the pick up process should be safer for staff in the department where there has been a high injury rate but there are other benefits too…..
The automated trucks are already on order and should arrive in Nanaimo next month.
Davis says the new pick up system will not result in any layoffs.