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Local mayors react to municipal terms changing to 4 years

Municipal politicians thinking about running in November will have to be ready to commit to 4 years.

The province is moving to change local elections from a three-year to a four-year cycle.

Nanaimo Mayor John Ruttan says he sees benefits and drawbacks.

He says a possible drawback is that some potential candidates could be scared off by a 4 year commitment.

Sechelt Mayor John Henderson supports idea, saying he hopes the prospect of a steady 4-year gig actually appeals to more people.

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Gibsons Mayor Wayne Rowe isn’t offering a personal opinion, but he sees the new rules having an impact on who steps forward.

Supporters of the move also say it will save money, because local governments won’t have to go to the extra expense of staging elections as often.  If the law passes the next local elections after November will be in October of 2018.

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