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Outcry by Nanaimo Cannabis Coalition following dispensary raids by RCMP

The Nanaimo Cannabis Coalition is reeling after Nanaimo RCMP shut down three marijuana dispensaries, including Phoenix Pain Management Society, Trees Dispensary and Nature’s Source.

RCMP circulated “cease and desist” letters to 10 dispensaries on November 12th, giving the businesses a week to close or risk enforcement action. In a press release issued on Tuesday morning, RCMP said they acted based on complaints from the public, including claims teens were sold marijuana.

But Phoenix Pain Management employee and Nanaimo Cannabis Coalition spokesperson Matthew O’Donnell those allegations don’t ring true.

O’Donnell says two Phoenix members, both over the age of 60, were detained when RCMP searched the business.

Nanaimo RCMP said in their press release that dispensaries and compassion clubs exist outside the legal framework for medical marijuana, and they gave the businesses in Nanaimo “fair warning”.

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O’Donnell says that may be true, but there are other important factors to consider.

The head office of Trees Dispensary also issued a statement after Nanaimo RCMP confiscated cannabis products from their Bowen Rd location.

“These confiscations and detentions fly in the face of public opinion, and the stance of our newly-elected federal government – who were elected on a pro-legalization platform – with a strong majority and mandate to regulate the cannabis industry,” says the statement from Trees. “It is illogical for the RCMP to be taking actions like this when everything indicates that the federal, provincial, and municipal governments are moving toward cannabis legalization and regulation.”

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