Nanaimo Alberni MP James Lunney says his recent trip to the Middle East really brought home the plight of Syrian refugees, and the government’s efforts to help.

Lunney was one of the MPs included in Prime Minister Harper’s delegation for the trip, but it wasn’t his first time in the region.  He’s been there several times and used to Chair the Canada-Israel Inter-parliamentary Group.

But the stop in Jordan was Lunney’s first chance to see the exodus from Syria first hand, and witness some everyday acts of humanity.

Lunney says he was glad to see the additional 6.5-million dollars in aid pledged by the Prime Minister during the trip, but the Canadian government’s financial aid to Jordan is just one part of the picture.  He also says they’ve offered logistical support and things like trucks and ambulances.  Lunney says Jordan is doing “yeoman’s work” in coping with the refugee influx.