The Pacific Salmon Foundation says it’s “possible” run-of-river power projects could have an impact on fish; but it’s too early to come to a firm conclusion.

The Foundation just wrapped up a study of 44 projects, about half of them on the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island.  It was commissioned by the industry group Clean Energy BC, which helped pay for it.

Brian Riddell is president of the Foundation.  He says there’s not enough data from older projects, and newer projects are still early in their monitoring programs.  But Riddell says there is a positive trend in what they’re seeing in those newer projects.

Riddell also says he hopes the report can help “re-engage” the government, by showing the value of continuous monitoring of IPPs.

Paul Kariya speaks for Clean Energy BC.

Kariya also says they hope to keep working with governments and the Foundation to continue the research.  You can see the full report here.